Community Warehouse

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Community Warehouse is growing non-profit that specializes in providing affordable home improvement materials to residents in Milwaukee’s Community Development Block Grant Neighborhoods. We believe that with the right materials at the right prices, we can provide the resources needed for rebuilding Milwaukee’s under-served communities, and improve the quality of life for these residents.

Community Warehouse always needs volunteers and support. If you’d like to get involved and like to help others, you are wanted here. At Community Warehouse we value compassion, dignity, and hopefulness. We’re always eager to meet new people and build more relationships.

Regardless of how you choose to help out, Community Warehouse is grateful for your time. Little projects help in big ways. Whether you are playing with children or organizing a shelf, Community Warehouse is able to run a more effective and productive business because of it. Your volunteered time helps Community Warehouse maintain our professional standard, brings in new members and helps us reach our goal of serving the community.

Working with people: One of the ways to become a regular volunteer is to get involved in member service. It’s chatting with a member, or coloring with member children, that can have the greatest impact. Interactions and relationship building is what Community Warehouse is all about. Here are some of the member service things you can do. 

  • Talk and pray with members
  • Help them find materials in the warehouse
  • Load materials into member vehicles
  • Read to, socialize with, or color with member children

Helping with important tasks: Administrative projects help keep our members up to date with what’s going on, and keep our relationships with the community strong. Little tasks like sending out emails help Community Warehouse in the biggest way. Here are some ways to get involved with administration.

  • Membership processing
  • Mailings, newsletter, emails and info updates

Keeping up the warehouse: Whether you’d like volunteer just for the day, or come in regularly, there are plenty of ways for you to help out in the warehouse. By simply re-organizing a shelf, we are able to maintain our image, bring in more members, and essentially help more residents of the community. Here are some ways to get involved in the warehouse. 

  • One-time warehouse organization projects
  • Cleaning and re-organization projects
  • Drive a truck to pick up donations
  • Special Event volunteers: food prep, member service, cleanup, and more

Volunteer your knowledge: If you have any specialty skills in professional home improvement techniques, you should consider volunteering your knowledge. Homeowners will appreciate your tips and tricks, and you could even teach one of our “How To” clinics. We especially have a need for professional assistance on electrical and plumbing projects.

If you speak Spanish, a great way for you to get involved is to volunteer as a translator. We’re committed to serving our members in the Latin community and with your help we can reach more people that we may not have been able to reach before. You can also help with print material that goes out.

Help to grow our ministry: If you’d like to volunteer your time spiritually, there are outlets for that as well. By helping members of the community fix up their homes, we are building relationships and strengthening faith along the way.