Community Warehouse

About Us

Our Impact

At Community Warehouse, we believe that self-respect and self-dignity start from home. An unfinished or worn down house in need of repair does not provide the much needed sanctuary that everyone desires. We hope that by providing the materials to make home repairs possible, we can give residents a place to be proud of. 

Offering hope…

At Community Warehouse, we’re offering a sense of hope and dignity. When members walk in to our facility, they know they will be taken care of. We operate a clean, well-stocked and well-managed facility. Our products are easily visible and accessible. Our members deserve all the best and we are committed to giving them just that.

Changing lives…

Windows and doors are only the beginning at Community Warehouse. We value knowing our members by name and getting to know their life stories. This forms the foundation of relationships that positively influence individuals by showing them dignity, thus making a life-long difference in their lives.  Community Warehouse also works with volunteers performing community service, second-chance employees, and others to create an environment where grace, love and truth come together to help people see they can respect themselves enough to choose a better life for themselves.

One household at a time. 

Our focus is on the many homes in Milwaukee’s Community Development Block Grant neighborhoods built in the 1900s that suffer from decades of neglect. By improving just one home, we hope to stimulate the redevelopment of more. Community Warehouse is able to partner with other non-profits, get projects underway, and provide more resources to offer hope and change lives one household at a time.