Community Warehouse

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Hope & Change

Community Warehouse is a non-profit, faith-based organization. We offer home and facility improvement materials to individuals, businesses and organizations in Milwaukee’s Community Block Grant Development Zone. Our goal is to partner with foundations, non-profits, builders and manufacturers to provide the resources that are needed for rebuilding Milwaukee’s under-resourced communities, resulting in significantly improved quality of life in our neighborhoods. Thousands of inner-city homes in Milwaukee have been improved by The Community Warehouse products.

We employ background-challenged individuals who want to make a positive contribution to their families and community. To expand this aspect of our dual-purpose mission, Community Warehouse launched Milwaukee Working, our contract services division which provides full-time employment opportunities and training in Milwaukee’s Central City for under-employed, never employed and background challenged individuals who are seeking work in an effort to turn their lives around but find it very difficult to get employed due to lack of experience or past criminal records. Learn more about Milwaukee Working.

We’re offering hope and changing lives one household at a time.

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  • 521 S 9th Street
  • Milwaukee, WI 53204
  • 414-383-7792

  • Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
  • Saturday 9am-4pm
  • Sunday closed